Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Perfect Island For a Carefree and Relaxing Holiday Destination

Unique and Economic Holiday in a Great Heavenly Place!

Pangkor offers such a unique yet inexpensive holiday destinations with a charming mix of fishing villages as well as resorts for the tourists. The tourists will have the chances to visit the fishermen and experienced by themselves on how they work, the lifestyle they had plus together with home staying with some of the villagers' families there. This is a very good idea since they do not have to book for rooms at the resorts. The villagers indeed are very friendly and you do not have to worry on how they will treat you.

More Exotic Things to be found in the Island of Malaysia

Pangkor Island is one of the most exotic islands which tourist can visit in Malaysia. Similar to every beautiful islands available in Malaysia, it gives bountifully beauty of sandy beaches at Seri Dewi Beach which is tailor made for sunbathing, adventurous snorkeling spots, jet skiing, canoeing, wind surfing and other water activities.

Snorkeling lovers will not miss their chance to explore Pasir Bogak Beach and Pangkor Laut, one of the familiar places where tourists will find gorgeous coral reefs in shallow waters as well as experiencing the mesmerizing sunset on its pristine beaches. One of the nine untouched island from development process, Sembilan Island, is a right place for scuba-diving lovers to dive all-out to see a wealth of marine life.

On Land Activities

For those who do not want their bodies to be under the crystal-clear water, they still can find attractive activities such as bird-watching around the island such as at the Teluk Nipah area. It is an unforgettable memory when you can watch the horn bills up close and personal with your own eyes. Most of the horn bills like to rest on electricity cables around the island. Therefore, you should take on precaution because you will surely bump into a few of the magnificent creatures during your stay. And they might also feed directly from your hand too!

Ground Attractions and Delightful Foods!

Other attractions which can be found at Pangkor Island the Dutch Fort which is originally built by the Dutch in order to take charge of the tin mines. Nearby, there is the tiger Rock which is a granite stone carved with an image of a tiger mauling a boy. Local people claimed that it portrays the son of a Dutch bigwig that disappeared and some others believed that the boy had been killed by a tiger in 1743.

Furthermore, you may savor the famous delicacies of local cuisine at the small town on the island at the stalls on the roadside. The stalls are being acknowledged for varieties of seafood dishes such as dried cuttlefish, grilled jellyfish and many more for your taste buds. Tourists can also shop all kinds of fresh dried and salted fish, squids, and anchovies at bargain price! Talking about accommodations, there are lists to be chosen depending on the budget you would like to spend.

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