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Pangkor Island

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Pulau Pangkor is an island off the coast of Perak in north-west peninsular Malaysia, reached by ferry from Lumut (a small coastal town that links to Ipoh, or from Sitiawan). It has a land area of only 8 square kilometers, and a population of approximately 25,000 islanders. It is heavily promoted as a low-key tourist destination by the Malaysian government, but fishing and fish products remain major industries.

Historically, Pangkor was a refuge for local fishermen, merchants and pirates. In the 17th century, the Dutch built a fort in an effort to control the Perak tin trade. In 1874, it was the location of a historic treaty between the British government and a contender for the Perak throne (The Pangkor Treaty), which began the British colonial domination of the Malay Peninsula.

Pangkor is famous for its fine beaches and a mix of low budget to 5 star accommodations. Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay on the north west of the island is extremely popular with travelers from Europe. The quality of sand in the Pasir Bogak Beach is far superior to that elsewhere on the island. The sand is golden brown, quite similar to most leading prime beaches. There are a few resorts in Teluk Nipah or Nipah Bay.

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Pulau Pangkor - Fantastic Holiday Vacation Spot and Animal Kingdom

Out of quite a few Islands from the vivacious Malaysia, Pangkor deserves the perfect of the acclamation for its distinct attributes. Its all-natural innocence is anything that catches all people's eyes. By far the most appreciable fact of your Island is its site and natural prosperity. Anybody may be stunned to see the finest arrangement of dynamics so as to bring this island into currently being. Combining 1 massive mountainous Island and 3 smaller Islands, Pangkor Island present you with a memorable practical experience of excursion.
Outstanding coves and beaches and brilliant trails for mountain bikers are what invite the adventure seekers to this location. If you previously desire to own an adventurous excursion, Pangkor Island may perhaps prove to be the most effective vacation spot to suit your needs. You are able to achieve here by road and by air. The whole region is total of natural wonders. The cool fresh breezes take it easy your thoughts so properly that you simply sense a whole new electricity inside you.
Having said that, one particular additional element that determines the volume of day time you keep at a destination is the accommodation facility. Fortunately, Pangkor shows no lack of this trait. It provides wide range of hotelswhich fits to all pockets. All Pangkor hotels in Malaysia have fantastic amenities to produce your vacation totally relaxed. Due to the fact Pangkor is surely an Island, most of your resorts are waterfront hotels they usually render terrific memories. Each with the rooms in any hotel has that distinctive aroma that refreshing breezes carry.
Land wildlife
Like practically in all places in Malaysia, Pangkor has its own population of Macaque monkeys and they may be not shy. You are going to come across them nearly everywhere, at the seaside, seated close to your window within your resort home, near towards the restaurant you have your dinner waiting towards the left more than. They're browsing for foodstuff and if you are not informed, they steal your bags far too. So be cautious.
A significantly noticed animal will be the monitor lizard. These are prevalent in Malaysia. What is interesting in regards to the monitor lizard here is the fact that they frequently swim from Pangkor towards the mainland. We have noticed them crossing the tiny straits in among Pangkor plus the mainland. The monitor lizard might be as much as three meters prolonged.
The lizards you see are usually the younger kinds as the older and stronger animals have their territory commonly inside estates and jungle. Will not be stunned to view a lizard within the seashore far too. Monitor lizards in Malaysia are commonly shy, contrary to their cousins about the Indonesian islands Rincon and Komodo.
Malaysia has a huge selection of snakes. I've seen several cobras close to Lumut and Sitiawan but it surely was continually in incredibly quiet locations and late afternoons. Snakes are commonly shy and also you hardly see them until the villagers have caught 1.
Tortoises are nevertheless for being observed though the locals have caught most of them. You discover a lot of for the Fu Lin Kong Temple at SPK. You will find also some on the mainland. Towards the divers and snorkelers, you could possibly lucky to determine turtles.
North of Pangkor is usually a Turtle Breeding Station at a beach in which turtles lay eggs. People eggs are dug up and hatched ahead of setting them back. The station, 35 km north of Pangkor island, is really worth a visit.
The station has several total grown species which helps make the pay a visit to even more spectacular. These turtles came towards the station possibly wounded or caught by locals and therefore are not arranged again within the wild.
To attain the Turtle Breeding Station bring the highway from Lumut to Taiping. Pass Segari, right after three or more km, carry the junction still left (indicator board "Lumut power plant"). Adhere to this street to the 1st junction still left (initially asphalt road), go on the conclusion. On your appropriate facet, you find the Turtle Breeding Station (no public transport).
Families of wild boar nonetheless live in the jungle of Pangkor. Quite a few are hunted so very difficult that you can find couple of still left. In case you would like to see them, your best bet is the Vikry Beach Resort at Pasir Bogak. The owners feed the wild boars inside evenings.
The image of Pangkor is the Lesser Hornbill. There are a few distinctive unique families residing at Pangkor. 1 is located all around Nipah Bay, the moment near Pasir Bogak plus the third life south of Pasir Bogak. (to get an thought the place we discover them, see the map of Pangkor island for the Pangkor internet site, under).
There exists also An excellent Hornbill loved ones existing inside hills close to Tiger Rock and roll. You are going to must continue to be at Tiger Rock resort to be lucky enough to view them (evenings is most possible). The Wonderful Hornbill is imported from additional inside Malaysian peninsula.
Whilst the Lesser Hornbills arrive at Pasir Bogak primarily inside morning, at Nipah Bay (and also in Pangkor Town) they can be additional active inside late afternoons. In the morning, you are going to see plenty of Lesser Hornbills on the Sea View hotel where the operator feeds them fruits.
You'll see (and listen to) numerous from the timber and around the beach.
The entire working day you'll see eagle. They may be extra energetic within the east coast in the island hunting with the fish leftovers in the Pangkor angling industry. Pangkor and particularly just around the mainland near Teluk Rubiah, it is possible to location dozens of eagles in the earlier morning. One particular day time, we spotted in excess of 40 eagles in a single location once we ended up being around the solution to Teluk Rubiah.

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Enjoy the Beauty of Pangkor Island in Malaysia

Pangkor is an island in Malaysia that is located 84 kilometers from Ipoh City, three hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is a mostly a fishing community where in fishing is a main source of living for the people living here. Pangkor is a beautiful island packed with many wonderful and amazing beaches that is one of tourists' favorite places in Malaysia.
Here, one can enjoy the view of the elegant beaches and engage to certain beach activities. Pangkor is a tropical island that is quiet and peaceful getaway place. There are also several beach resorts to choose from offering the best accommodations and quality services. There are also numbers of private suites where visitors can fully enjoy the quietness and tranquility they're looking for.
Tourists visiting Malaysia always spare time to visit and stay in Pangkor to have a taste of the true Asian native experience. Pangkor beach resorts, though offers modern facilities has always maintained their natural features. One can enjoy here the joy of having the finest comforts with the best experiences with their family and friends. People visiting Pangkor will never have a time to feel bore, for viewing and taking time to see the beauty of the island itself is a very exciting experience.
Families and friends traveling abroad for their vacation trips are always welcome to visit Pangkor promising to be the best vacation place they will ever be. Being a gorgeous beach and a fun place for so many beach activities, Pangkor definitely has it all for everyone.
Also, discover Pangkor's amazing wildlife. The place has been a habitat for much wildlife among the forests and sea rocks lying in the shores; Pangkor is truly nature-friendly vicinity. There are so many incredible things one can discover here and one will always have something to enjoy.
Also, enjoy the experience of jungle trekking in Pangkor, one of the favorite activities in the island. There are lots to see around the island that will definitely fascinate everyone. Plus, witness the gorgeous view of Pangkor sky during the night. One will surely be captivated by its stunning evening beauty and the brightly sparkling stars.
Pangkor is a place for everyone to have the best times. There are other islands around Pangkor that will also definitely catch everybody's eyes. You can visit here any time of the year and take pleasure to experiencing having the best things nature has to offer.


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what to see and do in Perak.

A quiet, unassuming state Perak rarely makes the big headlines as far as Malaysian tourism is concerned. Having said this, there are some neat places to explore, most notably the Cameron Highlands and some of the exquisite beaches along Pulau Pangkor.
Places To See & Do In Perak
Pulau Pangkor - Promoted as one of Malaysia's finest beaches, the tiny island of Panglor (it's total area is under 10 sq km) boasts some spectacular beaches - for example, it's in Pangkor that you will find the beaches of Coral Bay, Pasir Bogak and Teluk Ketapang.
If you can afford it, the exclusive Pangkor Laut resort owns the fabulous Emerald Bay beach, attracting five star travellers who can laze in the stunning sands and crystal clear waters that the bay offers.
Pangkor Town is a small, and largely smutty place, and even though it's not one to spend any great length of time, it's worth stopping by just for a look around. Because it's a tiny island, it's possible to explore Pangkor within a day (it barely takes a couple of hours if you have transportation) and aside from the awesome beaches there is not a great deal to do or see. Notable points of interest on the island include a Hindu temple and the Kota Belanda fort.
Because of the outstanding beaches, Pangkor is a good place to enjoy a spot of snorkelling or water-sports. You can snorkel at Pangkor Laut Resort if you're staying there as it offers very good snorkelling facilities for guests. Alternatively, head to Pasir Bogak beach where you can hire some snorkelling equipment and do it yourself.
Hotels, Restaurants & Places To Relax In Pangkor
There's only one place to stay in Pangkor if your budget allows, and that's the exquisite Pangkor Laut resort. Yes, this will practically break the bank but the stunning rooms (often accompanied by equally splendid views) as well as the right to use the guests-only beach (one of the best in Malaysia) makes it worthwhile.
There's nothing else to compare with Pangkor Laut on the island, but there are other places for travellers with a budget:
In Teluk Nipah (one of the main beach areas with a splurge of fair, budget accommodation) there are the following hotels and chalets:
Nipah Bay Villa
Sunset View Chalet
Suria Beach Resort
Indah Beach
Havana Beach Resort
The other popular beach area that also has a decent sprinkling of places to stay is Pasir Bogak. Here you'll find more budget places such as:
Coral Bay Resort
Vikri Beach Resort
Sea View Hotel
Most of these places offer very modest accommodation but are clean and good value - often, travellers to Malaysia don't care about the type of accommodation thanks to the many awesome sights and sounds that the country offers outside of the hotel room.
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Facilities and Services in Pangkor Laut Resort

1.       Facilities

Defined not only by its magnificent location, but also by the attention to detail and hospitality of its staff, Pangkor Laut Resort provides those who visit with indelible memories and an environment where guests define their pace - facilitated by a team of gentle, caring and unobtrusive staff.

Whether guests choose to enjoy a game of tennis or squash, take to the sea on an ocean-going yacht, experience a jungle walk with the resident naturalist, or relax on a serenely intimate beach voted one of the world best - the overwhelming feeling is of peace....and possibilities.

·         Conference & Banquet Hall
·         Recreation
·         Kazbah Gift Shop
·         Library
·         TV Lounge
·         Island Clinic & Hair Salon
·         Island Spa Boutique

2.       Services

·         Island Transportation
·         Water Taxis
·         Airline Reservations & Ticketing
·         Medical
·         Baby-sitting
·         Secretarial
·         Postage
·         Others
Ø  Other available services include the Concierge, Laundry, Valet Services, Limousines and daily Newspapers. Internet access is available including wireless connection at selected areas.

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Beaches in Malaysia's Perak State

Mention beaches in Malaysia, and thought automatically goes to the East Coast of the peninsula. However, if you only have a short weekend for a break, the only snag to visiting the East Coast is the long travelling distance by road.

Despair not! The beaches in the southern coastline of Perak around Lumut, and the offshore island of Pangkor offers several unspoiled beaches that are more easily accessible. Furthermore, they can be visited all-year round, and accommodation caters to both the budget conscious and the well-heeled.

Lumut lies 78 km southwest of Ipoh; though it is a holiday destination by itself, it is also the jumping off point to Pangkor Island and its sister Pangkor Laut Island. Travelling to Lumut from Ipoh, the State capital, takes slightly more than two hours, with scenic view of road meandering through coconut plantations in the Pusing district, where many of the palms are tapped to make toddy -- an alcoholic beverage with a strong kick. As one approaches Lumut, which lies on the estuary of the Dindings River, mangrove swamps with long-tailed macaques whiz past on both sides of the road.

Upon entering Lumut, an archway greets you. During the 8th and 9th centuries A.D., when the Buddhist-Hindu kingdom of Gangga Negara was at its zenith, Lumut was an important fishing village. After the collapse of Gangga Negara, Lumut declined into a hideout for pirates. In the late 1970's, Lumut grew in importance again when the Royal Malaysian Navy established its base here. A must-visit is the Naval Museum which is filled with ancient weapons and maritime equipment.

A spin around Lumut takes only minutes, which is tucked between Ungku Busu Hill and the Manjung Straits. The hill was named after a local warrior who led a ferocious battle against Lumut's pirates in the 1800's. Along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, banks, money-changers and a tourist information centre hums with life. At the northern end of Jalan Titi Panjang, yachts bob about in the marina of the Perak Yacht Club. A handful of budget hotels, two first-class resorts, store selling coral and shell handicrafts, seafood restaurants and a seemingly incongruous eight-metre tall windmill complete the charming picture of the town. Why a windmill in Lumut? Well, in 1641, after the Dutch had conquered Malacca from the Portuguese, they made ineffectual attempts to control Perak's tin trade by establishing a fort in Pangkor Island. At the jetty, ferries depart to Pangkor Island and Pangkor Laut Island. There are also connections to Belawan, Medan's port, in Sumatra.

Seven kilometres from Lumut lay Teluk Batik Beach, a crescent-shaped sandy stretch. There are chalets, food stalls, public changing rooms, a children's playground and speed-boat operators. Situated six kilometres from the main road leading to Lumut, Teluk Rubiah Beach has great appeal for golfers. The Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club offers an 18-hole course tucked between the emerald sea and verdant hills. Another interesting mainland beach is Pasir Panjang Beach which stretches 6 km from the northern banks of the Dindings River to Pantai Remis. From January to July, the Green Turtle and Olive Ridley Turtle make this beach their breeding ground. The Segari Turtle Hatchery (opens from 10am - 5pm) is one place to be guaranteed of seeing these creatures.

Pangkor Island has great historical significance in Perak's history as a treaty was signed in 1874 aboard a British gunboat on the waters of this island, which allowed the British to appoint a British Resident to rule the State. The island's terrain consists of rocky promontories that form placid bays fringed by glassy sands while its forest-carpeted summit offers a panoramic view of the Straits of Dindings. There is an airstrip north of the island which serves chartered flights.

Visitors usually stop at Pangkor Town, a settlement filled with budget inns, coffee shops and operators of van taxis. A round-the-island trip can be booked with these van taxis. South of the town stand the ruins of a Dutch fort, which was built in 1670 as a garrison for soldiers. Destroyed by in 1690 by Panglima Kulub, a local warrior, it was rebuilt in 1743, but 5 years later, it was abandoned after Dutch influence in the area declined. Nearby, there is a boulder with the year 1743 inscribed on it as well as a drawing of a tiger attacking a boy -- a sad memorial to the young Dutch victim who was the son of Dutch dignitary.

Most of Pangkor's beaches are at its western coastline. The crescent-shaped Pasir Bogak is extremely popular, and has a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets. More isolated and less crowded beaches are found at Teluk Ketapang, Teluk Nipah, Coral Bay, Tortoise Bay, Pantai Puteri Dewi and Belanga Bay.

Fringed by palms, Teluk Ketapang offers a chance to see leatherback turtles during the months of May, June and July. Pantai Puteri Dewi is associated with the legend of a Sumatran princess who leapt to her death from a cliff as a result of a failed love affair. Formerly called Golden Sands Beach, it is now a private beach owned by a five-star hotel. Non-hotel guests can also use the beach but have to pay a charge. Coral Bay is excellent for snorkeling -- it is blessed with crystal clear waters and lots of marine life -- but one has clamber over rocks at the northern end of Teluk Nipah to reach it.

When one is satiated with the sun, sea and sand, there are other diversions such as enjoying seafood or taking in the sights of fishing villages on the east coast where boat-building thrives.

For exclusivity, hop over to Pangkor Laut Island, just two kilometres away. In 1999, Condo Naste, an international travel magazine, voted Pangkor Laut Island as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. World famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti who performed at the opening of the island's sole resort - and it's extremely up-market -- remarked: "It's so beautiful that I almost cried." - Enough said about this island! There are three excellent beaches. Emerald Bay is ideal of swimming; Coral beach is a haven for snorkelers; Royal Bay is suitable for windsurfing.

About 10 nautical miles south of Pangkor Island, an archipelago of islands known as the Pulau Sembilan offers the thrill of deep-sea fishing. You can land a marlin, sting-ray or even a swordfish in the waters of these islands. Dive spots bursting with corals include the channel between Rumbia Island and Lalang Island; and that between Buluh Island and Saga Island.


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